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the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin,
Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
Topics (working titles) and doctoral student data Short description Anticipated time frame Supervision of theses
with support from the Büttner-Janz Spinefoundation 1. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Diagnostic techniques and methods.
Doctoral student:
Each thesis is an independent work of research reviewing relevant international scientific publications on the spine and providing structured documentation, statistical and other evaluation including meta-analyses, summarization and interpretation of the findings presented therein.

In the course of completing their theses, the doctoral students will acquire a wealth of information and knowledge relating to the spine. The facts and findings presented in the primary scientific literature published in German and English will be systematically documented and used to compile a clearly structured database. The database will be set up in collaboration with an IT specialist and the Institute of Medical Biometrics and Clinical Epidemiology at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and will later be accessible via the Büttner-Janz Spinefoundation. The analyses including meta-analyses will provide a comprehensive overview of the data available on the spine.

The theses have two main aims: 1) To assess the volume and levels of evidence of existing data on the respective spine-related topic in order to establish where further research is needed, e.g. on diagnostic procedures, on the biomechanics of the spine, back pain and conservative methods for its treatment, surgical procedures, implants etc. 2) To compile an online database that researchers can draw on in the future to obtain information culled from the primary literature. Once it has been fully set up, the database will be made available as an international source of valuable information for those in the medical professions, scientists, spine patients, the spinal industry, health insurance providers and other interested users. It will also be possible to set up further theses and other scientific work.

In the interest of efficiency, work will be carried out on the theses in parallel. Funding will be provided by the Büttner-Janz Spinefoundation and will cover the following: the costs of all work on the online database, on procuring literature (e.g. selected books with important findings on the spine), on consultation of statistic specialists, etc.

The most important findings of the theses will be published in international medical/scientific journals.
It is planned that the theses will be completed within a period of one to two years.

Thesis supervisor:
Prof. Karin Büttner-Janz, extraordinary professor at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

2. The human spine in Facts and Figures: Surgical treatment after spine accidents.
Doctoral student:
3. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Surgical treatment: Spine tumors, osteoporosis.
Doctoral student:
4. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Surgical treatment: Degenerative changes.
Doctoral student S.L., 33 years
5. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Surgical treatment: Deformity, malformation, infection, others.
Doctoral student:
6. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Conservative treatment with injections.
Doctoral student:
7. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Conservative treatment without injections.
Doctoral student:
8. The Human Spine in Facts and Figures: Biomechanical findings.
Doctoral student T.B., 29 years