Büttner-Janz Spinefoundation Partner in Deutschland:


Die 1967 gegründete Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe unterstützt materiell und ideell den Nachwuchs- und Spitzensport in Deutschland – das sind ca. 3.800 Athleten aus fast allen olympischen Sportarten, aus traditionsreichen nicht-olympischen Disziplinen und aus dem Behinderten- und Gehörlosensport. www.sporthilfe.de    

 Büttner-Janz Spinefoundation Partner international:

isass-logo ISASS – International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery is an international, scientific and educational society organized to discuss and assess existing strategies and innovative ideas in the clinical and basic sciences related to spine surgery and to enhance patient care. www.isass.org

The International Journal of Spine Surgery is the official scientific journal of ISASS. The goal of the International Journal of Spine Surgery is to promote and disseminate online the most up-to-date scientific and clinical research into innovations in motion preservation and new spinal surgery technology, including basic science, biologics, and tissue engineering.

iasp-logo IASP – International Advocates for Spine Patients is an international organization partnering physicians, patients and the medical industry to advocate for high quality, widely accessible and cost effective spine care for patients around the world.